Energy savings averages about 16% for new buildings with BECx

Building Envelope Commissioning

“building enclosure commissioning is the single-most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings today.”

C.C. Sullivan- A building envelope commissioning researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBECx_Silicon Valley

Building Envelope Commissioning or Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx), designed by the National Institute of Building Sciences, is a collaborative process for the planning, delivering, and operation of buildings that work as intended.  Provide a building that is a safe and healthful facility; optimizes energy use; and reduces operating costs.  Commissioning benefits owners’ through improved workplace performance due to higher quality environments, reduced risk from threats, and prevention of business losses.

The bottom line – it’s better to find inconsistencies and failures as a team, than for the owner to learn about them after the fact.

We have a certified Building Envelope Commissioning Agent and sustainability consultants to help guide your team towards success. Whether it’s a LEED project or just an owner wanting top quality and peace of mind, we provide support for projects of every size.

Need a Building Envelope Commissioning Expert?

The building “envelope” or “enclosure” includes exterior walls, doors and windows, roofing (and skylights), and the floor slab. It represents a critical boundary between the interior conditioned space and the outdoors. The main idea behind BECx is of making your home/building work better and last longer by applying principles of building science to the design and construction effort. BECx services are intended to ensure that appropriate exterior enclosure systems are selected and that they are designed, constructed and tested to perform per the Owner’s requirements. All of these directly influence building occupant comfort, energy efficiency and utility bills.

Savings associated with using BECx from both maintenance and energy savings average about 16% for existing buildings and 13% for new construction. The main benefit is that whole-building energy savings are guaranteed, thanks to the pivotal role of the enclosure in determining efficiency performance.

Using cost effective energy efficient design strategies, we help the design/build team create an energy efficient and healthy building.

Building Envelope Commissioning is a relatively new field and we’re very excited to offer this high-value service to our clients in the San Francisco Area Bay and throughout the United States.

We provide building science expertise on new construction and remodel projects from Inception to Completion.

We provide building science expertise on new construction and remodel projects from inception to completion.

Review project drawings and specifications
Assist with orientation on site using computer simulations and sun chart diagrams, resulting in increased comfort and improved efficiency.
Develop and document commissioning specification
Develop design concepts with the architect
Perform final review of bid
Develop construction checklists
Coordinate Meetings and briefing of construction management team

Review final design of the building/spaces within.
Review materials and find healthy alternatives to protect the indoor environment.
Review the building design with a goal to mitigate mold and make the building airtight.

Review the connections of the final drawings. Check the intersection of the wall/roof, door/window jamb and sill, floor/ crawl space, etc. Ensure there is continuity in the weather resistive barriers which is critical for preventing water penetration into the structure. Look for weak points in the design that can fail over time or result in condensation. Finalize the doors, windows, etc. to ensure the maximum performance within the budget parameters.

Testing for air and water tightness to check the quality of installation.
Ensure adherence to good construction practices.
Ensure appropriate storage of building materials.
Enforcement of measures to protect indoor air quality.
Performing inspections where recommended by manufacturer’s representative.

Ensure all the applicable warranty information and instruction manuals have been passed on to the building owner.
Set-up training for the building owner and cover special automation/irrigation controls/heating/cooling systems installed, etc.
Close out reporting, operations manual, and training.
Summary and list of enclosure systems and components included in the commissioning program.
Results of building performance testing.

Recommended operations, maintenance, and replacement schedule.