Learn more about getting certified with GreenPoint Rated Multifamily

Green Building Design for GreenPoint Rated Multifamily

This green building rating system is for multi-family buildings in California. GreenPoint Rated Multifamily differs from GreenPoint Rated Single Family, and LEED for Homes (LEED-H), in that it’s designed specifically for larger scale residential developments.

Build It Green offers a streamlined and simplified green building rating system that is appropriate for most multifamily buildings in California.

Consulting for Large-Scale Green Building Design Projects

When looking for a place to rent, families look at many factors including safety, schools, aesthetics etc. Increasingly, many families today are concerned about environmental hazards and its impact on their kids. In addition to the factors listed above, they want a healthy home free from mold, lead, allergens, carbon monoxide, radon, etc. But how do they decide which apartment community meets these requirements and which don’t?

Looking for a Green Point Rated apartment community is one way out of the dilemma. Green Point Rated or GPR certification is administered by Build It Green, an independent, non-profit organization.  GPR is a point based system focused on enhancing the performance and quality of the home. With over 14,000 rated homes in CA, it is one of the most trusted certification for green homes. It covers a broad range of measures to protect children and their families from housing related health and safety hazards. These measures include more advanced home ventilation than that required by the building code, low toxicity paints, flooring, wood framing, etc., fluorescent lights with low mercury content, etc.


GreenPoint Rated Multifamily Eligibility?

Build It Green, creators and administrators of GreenPoint Rated, take a very practical approach for determining whether a building qualifies for GPR MF. I’ve heard staff say “if it walks like a duck…”

There are only a couple variables in determining eligibility for a California multi-family project:

Multifamily = The most obvious is the need for a minimum of 4 units. There is no maximum number of units or limit to the number of stories in a GPR Multifamily project.

GPR Existing Single Family = projects where the foundation, walls, and roof are to remain mostly intact. If the home is going to undergo a significant remodel but not all wall/ceiling/roof cavities will be exposed, it’s likely the project will qualify as an Existing GPR Single Family Home.

There are not too many differences between the checklists, but two Blower Door Tests are required for GreenPoint Rated Existing Buildings. Only one Blower Door test is required for GreenPoint Rated New Buildings, but since the cost of home performance testing is so reasonable this does not seem like a significant barrier for most projects.

Certified GreenPoint Rater

Having a third-party sustainability representative of at the table puts high performance first and the status quo on notice. HBS brings environmental and building science depth to your design/build team. We add value through our unique education and experience. Getting us on the team as early as possible ensures the most value from our services.

Green Building Consulting Services

HBS typically works directly for the owner or the lead design professional, and sometimes we work for the General Contractor. Our services are typically framed around the client’s particular needs and also the GreenPoint Rated structure. We offer full-service green building consulting including the following:

HBS is fortunate to have  highly qualified GreenPoint Raters on staff for New Single & Multi-Family buildings.

Through formal education, certifications, and years of green building consulting experience, we are uniquely qualified to offer full-service green building design and construction consulting services.

We would be honored to support your projects as a GreenPoint Rater.

Design Consulting

  • GreenPoint Rated Checklist
  • GreenPoint Rated Application & Certification Process
  • Site Plan Evaluation
  • Eco-Charrette Facilitation (goal setting & brainstorming)
  • Create the Preliminary Checklist Rating
  • Specification (Spec) Reviews
  • Material Research
  • Plan/Drawing Reviews

Construction Consulting

  • Contractor Training
  • Construction Waste Management Plans
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plans
  • Material Research
  • IAQ Testing
  • Green Point Rater Verification Measures