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LEED Consultant

Building owners may know they want a high performing, energy/water efficient, and healthy building… but where do you start? You might consider starting with a LEED for New Construction - By Building TypeLEED consultant.

And even if the designer or builder says it’s green, who’s to say it really is?

Third-party green building rating systems offer a framework for the design/build team to effectively explore high performance options, and also a measuring stick by which to judge a building’s environmental performance. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) developed and manages the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Rating Systems. This is one of many systems, but LEED remains the go-to for non-residential buildings in the US.

Want a high performing, water and energy efficient healthy building?

Having a third-party representative of sustainability at the table puts high performance first and the status quo on notice. HBS brings environmental and building science depth to your design/build team. We add value through our unique education and experience. Managing LEED documentation and ensuring key elements are included during design and construction requires experience. Anyone will tell you – your first LEED project is a totally new experience and demands lots of attention to detail. As an experienced LEED Consultant, we help guide that process and answer questions about LEED and sustainability throughout the design and construction process.

Even if a project is not pursuing official certification, we often use the LEED checklist as a starting point for goal setting and many important discussions about the overall impact of the project. LEED certified buildings earn various levels of certification (certified, bronze, gold, platinum) based on their performance in the following primary categories:tallest-leed-tower-san-francisco

  • Innovation in Design
  • Location & Linkages
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Awareness & Education

Within these categories there is myriad opportunities for creating a more sustainable building – it just takes asking the right questions at the right time.

LEED Consultant Services


HBS typically works directly for the owner or the lead design professional, and sometimes we work for the General Contractor. Our services are framed around ensuring the owner’s LEED goals are incorporated into the contract documents (LEED specification, LEED drawings & calculations), and we also help the GC manage the LEED process during construction.

Design LEED Consulting

  • Site Plan Evaluation
  • LEED Charrette Facilitation (goal setting & preliminary LEED checklist)
  • LEED Specification Review
  • LEED-compliant Material Research
  • LEED Plan/Drawing Review

Construction LEED Consulting

  • Contractor LEED Training
  • LEED Construction Waste Management Plans
  • LEED Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plans
  • LEED Material Submittal Reviews
  • IAQ Testing

LEED Consultant Qualifications

At HBS we are uniquely qualified to offer full-service Green Building Design and Construction Consulting services. HBS LEED consultants are LEED-AP, WELL Accredited Professionals and GreenPoint Raters.  LEED consulting experience counts. HBS staff have collectively consulted on more than 50 LEED projects.


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