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WELL Building Consultant for Your Project?

Occupant health is generally our clients’ top priority. If health trumps energy and water conservation on your project, it might be time to bring on a WELL Building Consultant.

Large owner occupied businesses like some fortune 100’s in Silicone Valley appreciate the productivity, recruitment and retention appeal of having an exceptionally healthy building. Soon other companies will do the math and realize that without a healthy building – management is neglecting its largest asset (and expense).

Why hire a WELL Building Consultant?

What is the WELL Building Standard and what does a WELL Building Consultant do?

What is the WELL Building Standard?

The WELL Building Standard was developed by Delos Living LLC and the rating system and is administered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The IWBI is in collaboration with the Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI) for providing trainings for WELL Accredit Professionals and overseeing verification of buildings achieving WELL Building certification.

Besides the Healthy Home Standard by the Institute for Building Biology & Ecology which focuses on residential building, the WELL Building Standard is the first rating system for commercial buildings that focuses solely on occupant health and well-being.

There are seven categories of wellness “Concepts” within WELL:

WELL Building Consultant Categories

Presently the WELL Building Standard offers certification (and “compliance”) for only three “Project Typologies:”

WELL Building Project Typologies


One thing that sets WELL consulting apart from LEED consulting is the simplified documentation and increased reliance on post-construction verification testing in WELL. Many of the design credit documentation requirements for WELL are as simple as a providing a policy or signed narrative, as opposed to the voluminous documentation required for LEED. Where LEED has one optional post-construction IAQ verification testing credit, WELL requires extensive verification testing of air quality, water quality, acoustical performance and light quality. WELL verification testing is provided by a pre-approved WELL Assessor, an individual who has received the WELL Accredited Professional certificate and has demonstrated expertise in field verification techniques.

What does a WELL Building Consultant do?

There are two primary types of WELL Building Consultants. The first is the WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) who is hired by the team to facilitate a WELL Charrette, assist in design implementation of WELL best practices, and act as liaison between the team and IWBI. The WELL Assessor is another expert hired by GBCI/IWBI to verify design and construction met the intent of each precondition and opportunity pursued by the team. The WELL Assessor cannot be the WELL AP assigned to the same project.

WELL AP Building Design & Construction Consulting:

  • WELL Gap Analysis
  • WELL Site Plan Evaluation
  • WELL Charrette Facilitation (goal setting & preliminary LEED checklist)
  • WELL Specification Review
  • WELL Building Healthy Material Research
  • WELL Plan/Drawing Review
  • WELL Documentation Preparation

WELL Assessor Verification Testing

  • WELL Documentation Review
  • WELL Site Verification of Visual Features
  • WELL Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing
  • WELL Water Quality Testing
  • WELL Acoustic Testing
  • WELL Light Testing

WELL Building Consultant Qualifications

At HBS we are uniquely qualified to offer full-service WELL Building Consulting services. We look forward to supporting your next WELL Building project with our team of consulting architects and environmental scientists.

We consider the WELL Building Standard a near-complete (missing color, EMF, etc.) list of best practices for healthy buildings.