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Green Building Logos can be scary…

by / Wednesday, 28 March 2012 / Published in Business, Green Building Consulting
green building logos

Some Green Building Logos Are Scary…

Green Building logos are full of leaves and trees.  Use Google Images (“green building logo”) and that’s just about all you’ll see. It’s overdone.

We struggled with these logo concepts when coming up with our new logo. How do you quickly illustrate nature-loving and “green” without a leaf or plant?

In reality you don’t want plants growing on most buildings.

Where there are plants there is moisture. Where there is moisture in buildings there is generally a host of other problems. Fungus (e.g., mold), wood-destroying insects (e.g., termites), and roots from plants often do more damage to building materials than moisture itself. But moisture is the limiting factor.

Here is a short compilation of “green building” shots from 2011. Some are cool mold photos with actual greenery – and others are just moisture related.

Knowing plants damage many buildings and fungus can negatively affect occupant health, we rejected this overdone motif. So that is why our new green building logo captures science, nature, and buildings without the use of plants!

Keep your eyes open for our new logo design… and lets hope our green building logo doesn’t scare you away!

[Disclaimer: We are ardent supporters of living walls and living (green) roofs when done properly. These innovative systems can offer many benefits to a building, but there are many common pitfalls associated with these systems and they should only be designed by experienced experts.]
green building logo

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