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by / Thursday, 25 June 2015 / Published in Healthy Building Inspections & Testing
Magnetic Field Map Sausalito Golden Gate Bridge North SF

EMF and GPS Syncing Capabilities – Magnetic Field Example

Quite honestly, one of the aspects of my job that I love is to test new technologies or to further develop the capabilities of our company. One of the skill sets that we have better developed lately has been to sync our various EMF meters with GPS location tracking to allow for investigations of properties and large areas.

As it should happen, my schedule called for extensive driving that day and it occurred to me that it would allow an excellent example of syncing a Gaussmeter with GPS path tracking to be made.

The route made for that day is shown by the blue line on the map below. The route went from Walnut Creek, up to Sacramento, back down to San Rafael, down 101 South through San Francisco to San Mateo, back up 101 North to come across the Bay Bridge and up 24 to return to Walnut Creek area.


EMF & GPS Mapping – San Francisco to Sacramento

EMF and GPS – Magnetic Field Mapping

Dropping the Gaussmeter datalog into a GPS syncing program and establishing the magnetic field strength as an elevation, allows us to see that the power lines along the West Sacramento highway corridors are apparently pulling more current than the Central and East Sacramento sides. This was also due to the time of the day at which this track was made. Driving at very early in morning the lighting loads of the city were still at their high point before dropping with the morning light. The various electrical systems of the car caused some magnetic field in and of themselves, however they were cancelled out by focusing on the 60 Hertz magnetic field influence. The maps below show only the 60 Hertz magnetic field influence on the car as it was driving this route around the Bay.


EMF & GPS Magnetic Field Map Sacramento

Another area that showed relatively high levels of 60 Hertz magnetic fields was the area from Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge and into North San Francisco as shown below.


Magnetic Field Map Sausalito Golden Gate Bridge North SF

EMF and GPS – Magnetic Fields on Golden Gate Bridge?

Driving through San Francisco showed a few spikes, however on the return coming back over the Bay Bridge showed that very little 60 Hertz magnetic fields were present along the Bay Bridge.


Magnetic Field Map Golden Gate Bridge SF Bay Bridge

Most EMF Inspection clients do not ask us to map out huge routes like this. Using these and other meters we are capable of mapping out perimeters and cross-sections of large properties for low-frequency Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields, and Radio Frequency power densities from 27 MHz to 10 GHz.

Give a ring or send a note if you want your neighborhood or property surveyed for EMF or EMR.


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