Energy Efficient Home

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Energy Efficient LEED Home

A Comfortable and Energy Efficient Home through Science – Part 1 I am a big believer in using principles of science and an understanding of the sun’s movement through the sky to enhance your comfort while also making it a more energy efficient home. I am going to devote the next few blogs to giving

Building Enclosure Commissioning

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ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 Commissioning Process

What is the “building enclosure?” The building “enclosure” also known as building “envelope” or building “shell” consists of all the exterior faces of the building, such as foundations, exterior walls and roof. The enclosure manages everything that might get into and out of a building: water, wind, light, sound, air, pests, and people. How the

tips for a healthy home

Tips for a Healthy Home – Keep It Dry Keep Water Out Excess moisture is at the center of many problems relating to durability and indoor air quality. If we build structures that won’t rot or support mold growth, we will both increase the longevity of those buildings and reduce the health risks of living

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tips for building a healthy home

Tips for Building Healthy Home – Part 1: Minimize VOCs Minimize Exposure to Formaldehyde Formaldehyde is one of the most common industrial chemicals and is widely used as a component of building products, upholstery, carpeting, etc. and classified as a human carcinogen. Formaldehyde’s other health impacts include respiratory problems; eye, nose, and throat irritation; allergic

building a healthy home

Tips for Building a Healthy Home If you are building a new home or significantly remodeling your existing home, then this article will help you target the biggest polluters in your home’s indoor environment. These tips for building a healthy home have been put together with the intent of helping those who do not have