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Environmental Services and Consulting

Healthy Building Science offers environmental services for buildings. We serve commercial and residential clients, and work with existing and new buildings.

Environmental Testing & Lab Analysis

  • IAQ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • LEED IAQ Testing
  • Allergens- Molds, Pollens, Dust mites
  • VOC's & Formaldehyde
  • Lead & Heavy Metals
  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Quality
  • WELL Building Verification Testing

Whether responding to a complaint or being proactive, we collect samples, coordinate lab analysis, and provide comprehensive reports. Testing for air, water, soil, dust and building materials.

3rd party expert testing puts the burden on us. We test all building types. You name it, we'll test it.

Healthy Building Inspections

  • Air Quality Inspections
  • Biology Biology Environmental Assessments
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF/EMR) Surveys
  • Mold & Moisture Inspections
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Lab Sampling & Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of buildings from an occupant health perspective. Industrial hygiene includes testing in all building types for OSHA compliance or peace of mind.

We are experts at finding clues to building-related illnesses. Using experience and high-tech testing gadgets, we give a thorough inspection along with expert recommendations in an easy to use format. We often sample air, dust, soil, and water for a variety of pollutants.

Green Building Consulting

  • LEED Consulting
  • GreenPoint Rating
  • Healthy Home Standard (Building Biology)
  • Green Guide for Health Care
  • Healthy Materials Research
  • Specification and Plan Reviews
  • WELL Building Standard

We consult with owners, architects builders, and construction crews during all phases of design and construction.

Green Building Consulting may include anything from guiding commercial design/build teams through the LEED or GreenPoint Rating process

  • to meeting Healthy Home Standard (Building Biology)
  • to Green Guide for Health Care project management
  • to helping families select healthy finishes for a nursery or kitchen remodel.