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Interested in having samples collected at your home or office?

Environmental Sampling Visit

Environmental SamplingIf you would like an environmental sampling visit for air, soil, or water testing, but are uninterested in a thorough inspection – a Healthy Building Science Environmental Inspector will come to your site and collect samples.

Many people want sampling but do not want to pay for an expert to perform a thorough inspection. Sampling, in the absence of an inspection, actually tells us very little. It may reveal what chemical, physical or biological contaminants are present, but without context the data is of relatively little value. In order to create statistical relevance and context, in the absence of an inspection, one must perform lots of sampling.

This line-item was created mainly to support Soil Sampling and Water Sampling that do not require thorough inspections. Included in the Environmental Site Visit is our travel, time onsite, sampling materials, and interpretation of lab results. You receive the actual lab results and our interpretation summary. However, this is a very limited service and we generally discourage clients from just doing a Sampling Visit if they are genuinely concerned about their space.

Please refer to the Service Menu for our most commonly requested lab analysis.

The Healthy Building Science team will arrive at your building without adding fragrances. Sampling visits for water or soil testing can take as little as 15 minutes onsite, while some sampling (e.g., VOCs) requires 3-24 hours of collection time.