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Sick Building Syndrome

Building Biology Inspections

Building Biology sick building syndrome San Francisco

Building Biology

Do you suspect your home or office is making you sick? Are you unsure where to begin environmental testing? The Institute for Building Biology and Ecology offers the most comprehensive protocols for building biology inspections and occupant health environmental assessments in the United States. There are fewer than 100 practicing Building Biologists providing inspection services in the US.

Healthy Building Science offers unique and comprehensive environmental testing services that include air and water quality assessments, and electromagnetic field (EMF) surveys.

There are literally thousands of untested chemicals produced in the US everyday. These chemicals infiltrate manufacturing and enter buildings in the form of composite wood, vinyl flooring, adhesive, paints, etc. There are also a number of natural contaminants that can find their way into buildings and negatively affect occupant health.

Building Biology Inspections are designed to evaluate more indoor pollutants than any other “healthy building” inspection protocol available in the US. Using this holistic approach, HBS offers a unique glimpse into what exists within the walls of your building, and provides practical suggestions on how to improve your indoor environment. A one-stop-shop for building environmental assessments, HBS targets what counts most.

Sick Building Syndrome San Francisco

There are two primary variables in every Building Biology Inspection: Client and Building

After completing a survey about occupants and the building, a Healthy Building Inspector arrives with meters and testing equipment to assess the building. Based on the pre-inspection survey and a walk-through of the building we make an hypothesis about what pollutants are present and where they may be entering the building.

Environmental sampling is performed to test the hypothesis. Tests performed vary per building.  Your final user-friendly report includes a summary of findings, interpretation of lab results (if any), photos to help illustrate complex building issues, and suggestions for practical steps for mitigation.

Building Biology Success Story

The success stories from all of our Inspection Services can be applied to Building Biology Inspections, because Building Biology Assessments include almost every measurable indoor pollutant. Using this German-based inspection protocol we have found pollutants, previously unknown to the owner, in every single building we have inspected. When you test for everything you’re bound to find something to improve.

Our Environmental Inspectors Can Check For Most Common Pollutants

Building Biology Assessment

We'll inspect your home or office building and test air, water, soil quality, and electromagnetic frequencies to determine potential safety and environmental issues that may affect occupant health.

Residential inspections start at $595 (Commercial $695) and vary based on the size of the building.

Air Quality & Allergens

Air Quality & Allergens

Visual evaluation of accessible ducts and air filtration, air testing on site (carbon monoxide, combustible gases), and top-to-bottom visual inspection of building for possible sources of indoor air contaminants.

Electromagnetic (EMF) Basic

Electromagnetic (EMF) Basic

Testing for low-frequency electric/magnetic fields and RF radiation on the four corners of the building, plus all sleeping areas. We find all significant sources of EMF exposure and evaluate to determine if utilities are carrying any stray current. Up to 3 hours.

Mold & Moisture

Mold & Moisture

Thorough visual inspection of building from attic to basement, evaluation of site and roof drainage, use of thermal imaging to scan for current moisture issues. Mold lab analysis not included. Confined or contaminated space fee may apply.

Building Biology Environmental Assessment Benefits

Building Biology Environmental Assessment BenefitsBuilding Biology Environmental Assessments are unlike any other building inspection service found in the United States. If you are uncertain what environmental tests to run, a Building Biology Assessment could be right for you. When a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) inspects your building you can be confident that they are familiar with indoor pollutants, sampling and testing protocols, and mitigation strategies. Instead of hiring several specialized environmental inspectors, you can rely on a single, highly-qualified, well-trained inspector to evaluate your building from top to bottom.

Common Building Biology testing services include:

  • Air Quality & Allergens
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF, “electro-smog”)
  • Moisture and Mold
  • Soil Testing
  • Water Quality


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