Green Guide for Healthcare, Oregon

New Green Guide for Healthcare (GGHC) Hospital in Oregon


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Project Summary: Green Guide for Healthcare

An existing hospital needed more space and upgrades to an older building. Owners and BOD pushed the design-build team for a sustainable building, and GGCH provided the framework for design and construction, as well as guidance on how to operate the new hospital.

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Alex Stadtner worked with the owners to define project goals using GGHC as a framework. He worked with the design team in an integrated process to ensure goals for sustainability made it into project specifications and drawings. Since GGHC has credits restricting the use of flame retardants, mercury, and PVC detailed material reviews were required,


During construction, Stadtner worked closely with the builder and often played liaison when sustainability issues arose between the builder, their subcontractors and the owner. Even before project completion the staff was creating green policies for the new building so they would get off on the right foot. The project received GGHC certification and owners, staff, and patients are happier in their energy efficient and health-supporting building.


Results or Project Highlights:

Design & Construction

  • Integrated Design Process
  • Health Mission Statement integral to all design documents and meetings
  • Conscientious connections made from indoors to outdoors
  • Landscape irrigation demand reduced by 50%
  • Materials intentionally specified to minimize mercury, lead, cadmium and copperOregon Hospital_Green Guide_Exterior
  • Low-Emitting adhesives and sealants
  • EnergyStar Score > 75



  • Building Operations & Maintenance Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
  • Green Cleaning Policy
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Food Waste Reduction Strategy

Project Team: Alex Stadtner,  President & Senior Consultant