For residential customers we offer three primary services for the San Francisco Bay Area. Environmental testing and inspections help identify potential contaminants in air, dust, soil and water. General contracting includes fixing what we so often find, including site drainage, EMF mitigation, crawlspace cleanups and vapor barriers, ventilation and air filtration, water damage restoration, water filtration, home fire hardening, air-sealing and remodeling. And lastly we offer a proactive subscription program for home maintenance. Call or click below for more information about our residential services.

Environmental Testing & Home Inspections

Professional and thorough environmental inspections and testing.

Expert industrial hygiene including mold inspections, lead and asbestos testing, air quality and water quality laboratory analysis, EMF testing, and thorough home inspections to identify potential contaminants and problems.

General Contracting

Specialty Residential Contractor

Our expertise has evolved around the deficiencies we find in our inspections, including site drainage, EMF mitigation, clean crawlspaces and vapor barriers, improved ventilation and air filtration, water damage restoration, water filtration, home hardening for fire, air-sealing and general remodeling.

Home Stewardship Program

Subscription Home Maintenance Program

Most experts suggest budgeting 1-4% of a homes value for continual maintenance. When maintenance is deferred repairs become exponentially more expensive. This custom program is designed to stay ahead of maintenance problems and keep homes in tip-top condition. Quarterly visits ensure everything in your home is assessed and tuned-up at least once a year.