Industrial Hygiene & Green Building Consulting

Make your next building project a healthy one

We consult with architects, builders, and construction crews during all phases of design and construction.

What's in yourwater?

Ever notice a strange color, odor, or taste? Water testing can identify heavy metals and bacteria from your tap.

Electro-smog: Silent, odorless, invisible

Levels of EMF/EMR have increased exponentially. We show you how to minimize exposures in your home or office.

Musty smell or water stains?

We identify moisture and mold problems and tell you how to safely remediate the affected area(s).

Suffering from indoor allergies?

Cleaning up your indoor environment may help. We'll show you how.

Environmental consulting for your home, office and workplace.

Environmental Testing
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Environmental Testing

Test air, dust, soil, and water to better understand your environment and make educated decisions about designing or maintaining your building.
Healthy Building Inspections
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Healthy Building Inspections

Identify current and historical contaminants within your building. Where environmental science AND building science meet.
Green Building Consulting
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Green Building Consulting

Utilize Building Biology, LEED, GreenPoint Rated and Building Enclosure Commissioning as frameworks for optimizing new and existing buildings.


What people are saying about Healthy Building Science

  • I highly recommend having your home checked for EMF. I myself am an EMF enthusiast and have devices to detect it, but these guys have a much broader range of devices to measure other frequencies. The best part is, that they recommend electricians that can resolve the problems and even recommend types of materials that should be used to rewire the electricity. They are a bit pricey, but compared to the fact that I could not find any information about the proper wiring on the internet, it was money well spent.
    Vladimir P., Santa Clara
  • So glad our water checked out. Your guy was super nice and smart and we’re just glad our water isn’t contaminated. Two thumbs up!
    Jennifer O., Oakland
  • HBS worked wonders coordinating our team for our home in San Francisco. During the design they helped define our healthy goals and made sure no detail was neglected. Our contractor has told us how much he appreciates Healthy Building Science’s help. We’re optimistic we’ll be getting a LEED certified building when it’s all done! Thank you for all your help!
    Eric H., San Francisco
  • “We are on track for future GPR certification, thanks in part to Alex and Kunjan’s green building consulting and partnership with our entire team. Melanie’s healthy materials review process, paired with the collaboration of our contractor and designer, helped us achieve not just a remodel, but a healthy remodel.”
    Tammy G., Los Altos
  • Your detailed inspections really helped ID what was needed on site. Using your reports and photos, we created a complete implementation plan to repair and upgrade the subject property. This was an excellent value, especially as your documentation was so comprehensive. Great job!
    Steve P., Novato
  • Thank you so much for all your help! Your guy was very knowledgeable! He stayed & talked with my very concerned husband until he felt satisfied! Thanks again.
    Stephanie H., Menlo Park