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Human Resource Managers FAQ’s

Human Resource Managers have a responsibility to respond to employees concerns


Where can Human Resource Managers turn when an employee has an environmental complaint?

“There’s a strange smell in this building” “I am getting headaches and suffering from allergies and this only happens at work!”


What services do you offer Human Resource Managers?

We’re a one-stop shop for all environmental questions. We’re your Environmental Consultant dedicated to 3rd party assessments to investigate any occupant complaints. If there’s a concern or occupant complaint about an building (e.g., “sick building”), or if you have an owner  or employee who just wants to improve performance by creating a healthier building.FAQs for Human Resource Managers

Who hires Healthy Building Science?

We are often hired by the owner, tenant or property or Human Resource manager.

What types of buildings does Healthy Building Science inspect?

No building too small, or too large. We inspect everything from apartment units and houses, to office towers and hospitals.

How fast can HBS respond to a request?

We can almost always schedule within a week, and often can do next day site visits.

Who receives a copy of the inspection report?

Our privacy policy is to only share the report with our client, or whoever is paying HBS for the service and will ONLY share this information if we receive written authorization from the client.


How long does it take to get a report?

All reports are generally returned within a 7- 10 business days, but may depend on lab turnaround times (TAT), if lab analysis is involved. TATs can be expedited for an additional fee. Communicate your desired TAT to our team.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on where the project is located (travel time), how large the building is (time onsite), what environmental testing is performed (lab fees), and what sort of report and turnaround is requested. Small jobs are usually $600-1200, larger jobs can be tens of thousands. Get a quote by completing this form or contacting us.

Do you make recommendations AND do remediation?

Yes. We provide professional recommendations based on our professional observations of the building and any lab analysis data available. Healthy Building Science provides an independent, 3rd party assessment without the conflict of interest of also selling remediation. Less scrupulous companies up-sell their services, often unnecessarily. Like the $99 energy audit where the company makes money selling windows and insulation, or the $199 mold inspection where the company makes their money selling remediation. HBS is a consultant without a conflict of interest.

Can you identify where the source of the problem is?

Often times our trained inspectors and high-tech equipment do identify a “smoking gun,” but other times we provide peace of mind and verify that a suspected problem is not a problem at all.

Human Resource Manager Consultant Services:


Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Healthy Building Inspections

Healthy Building Inspections

Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting



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