Healthy Home Case Studies

Healthy Home Case Studies highlight recent project achievements and illustrate how HBS integrates with a project team. For residential consulting we usually work for the owner, architect, or builder. This is a small fraction of our project portfolio; we’re always building out more case studies. We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to share their stories.


Sustainability Meets Practicality

GreenPoint Rated Certified & Healthy Home Standard

An Outdoor Main Attraction

EMF Mitigation, Net-Zero Backyard and Solar Thermal

Mulitfamily Housing San Francisco

GreenPoint Rated, Vegetative Roof, Solar Thermal

Artist Dream Healthy Home

LEED Platinum, Solar & Greywater

LEED-H Multi-Family Homes

32-Story, 300-Foot Tower Transbay Block 6

Lakeside Beach Front Property

Healthy Materials, LEED consulting, Low EMF design

Southern Charm and Comfort

Low EMF & Low formaldehyde finishes

Residential Team Experience

  • Water Quality Testing & Environmental Consulting, East Bay
  • Multi-Family Affordable Housing GPR & LEED Consulting, San Francisco
  • Moisture & Mold Inspection and Testing with Mold Remediation Protocol for Multi-Family complex, Peninsula
  • Environmental Testing & Analysis for Soil, East Bay
  • GreenPoint Rating GPR for Multi-Family Housing for Developer, San Francisco