Healthy Commercial Building Case Studies

Healthy Commercial Building Case Studies illustrate how HBS has helped project teams create more health-supporting offices and retail stores. In commercial buildings HBS is most often hired by the owner, tenant, or property manager.  This is only a fraction of our portfolio. We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to share their stories.

Silica Dust Compliance Testing

New OSHA Standards June 2018

10 Story Hotel San Francisco

Hospitality Meets Sustainability

Commercial Manufacturing Facility

IAQ Inspection Recommendations & Results

Class A Office in San Francisco

Cell Site RF Abatement for a commercial office setting

Creating an EMF Sanctuary

Hillside Office Gets EMF Makeover

Commercial Office San Francisco

IAQ Investigation New Office Smell

Industrial Facility San Francisco

Measuring Particulates with laser particle counter

Commercial Project Experience

  • IAQ Testing for Fortune 500 Office, Iowa
  • EMF Survey & Mitigation Plan for Non-Profit Office, Berkeley
  • Green Building & Healthy Materials Training for Non-Profit, Oakland
  • IAQ Testing with Particle Monitoring for Office, San Francisco
  • IAQ Inspection & Testing for Property Management Company, Oakland
  • Water Quality Testing for Non-Profit Athletic Event, San Francisco
  • LEED IAQ Testing for Bay Area Airport, San Francisco
  • Environmental Testing & Analysis of Soil for Playground, San Francisco
  • IAQ Inspection for Museum, San Francisco
  • IAQ Inspection & Testing for Union Office, Oakland
  • Healthy Material Research for Organic Food Company, East Bay

Additional Commercial Projects

  • Building Enclosure Commissioning BECx for Government Office, Mammoth Lakes
  • Water Quality Testing for Bottle Water Company, San Francisco
  • Environmental Testing for Truck Sales & Parts Company, Stockton
  • Indoor Air Quality IAQ Testing for HR Office, San Rafael
  • Environmental Monitoring Manufacturing Plant, San Jose
  • IAQ Testing for Wine Manufacturing Center, Napa
  • EMF/RF Survey & Mitgation Plan for Consulate, San Francisco
  • IAQ Testing/Inspection & Particle Monitoring for Media Company, San Francisco
  • Baseline IAQ Inspection & Testing for Tech Company, Silicon Valley
  • Moisture/Mold Survey & Remediation Plan for Property Managment Company, San Francisco