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Architect FAQs

Let our team help you meet your design goals while improving the health and well-being of the all the occupants. Architect FAQs from Healthy Building Science.


Architect FAQs

We’re a one-stop shop for all environmental consulting; your consultant for any project with goals for healthy building, energy efficiency, etc. Everything from design consulting and construction site visits, to pre-occupancy IAQ testing and post-occupancy verification.

Who hires Healthy Building Science?Architect FAQs

We are often hired by the owner or architect.

What types of buildings does Healthy Building Science support?

No building is too small, or too large. We consult on everything from single-family homes to office towers and hospitals.

Does HBS offer LEED, GreenPoint Rated, and Living Building Challenge , and WELL Building Consulting?


What differentiates HBS from the pack?

Our background and expertise in creating healthy buildings, coupled with our knowledge of building science and field testing services, make us a unique company offering more value than most green building consultants.

How much does Healthy Building Consulting cost?

Costs vary depending on where a project is located, how large the building is, duration of design-build schedule, experience of other team members, and what services are a priority for the owner. Get a quote by completing this form or contacting us.

Do you offer Design Consulting to reduce EMF exposure?

Yes. EMF design consulting is unique and we have much depth and experience reducing EMF exposure in all building types. We have two certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants on staff.

Do you recommend healthy building materials?

No. We perform material research and evaluate submittals based on their environmental attributes and toxicity, but we are not the designer or builder of record. We do recommend sources and databases for the team to utilize, but we generally do not “recommend” materials.

Architect FAQ – Consultant Services:

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Healthy Building Inspections

Healthy Building Inspections

Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting