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Our Team of Environmental Consultants

Since our founding in 2009, Healthy Building Science has grown into a thriving small business servicing the greater San Francisco Bay area. These are the folks that work hard to make it all possible. For an larger view on the History of Healthy Building click here.

Alex Stadtner, President & Senior Inspector

Alex Stadtner

President & Senior Consultant


Alex started on the path of environmental work in college, where he attained a degree in Environmental Science & Environmental Policy. After college he worked for two years as a Sustainability Manager at Antioch College, before moving to New Hampshire to earn an MS in Resource Management & Administration at Antioch New England.

After graduate school, he worked with green building consulting pioneers at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems in Austin, and then a Portland-based company specializing in third-party building rating systems, especially LEED. Since then Alex has completed numerous environmental testing inspection courses to broaden his knowledge of the industry and bridge the gap between environmental science and building science.

David Sasse

David L. Sasse

Director of Environmental Services

Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI) and Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

David comes to Healthy Building Science with a background in all phases of property development and management. His knowledge of building construction and environmental science makes for a unique blend, and enables David to identify problems in buildings sometimes before they are even visible!

David holds two degrees from the University of CA at San Diego, one BS in General Biology/Biochemistry, and a BA Major in Music Performance with a minor in Economics. When he’s not inspecting or collecting samples you might find David managing his properties, playing volleyball, acting on stage, sailing the San Francisco Bay, or even flying solo overhead in his plane!

Jose Acosta

Jose Acosta

Senior Environmental Inspector
Jose joins the team having come to the Bay Area from Boston, where he worked in student services, and later, as a building manager and facilities coordinator for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Council Certified Structural Mold Investigator (CSMI) and Council-certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist (CRIE) Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

A New York City native, Jose received a BA in Photography and Social Science from Vermont’s Bennington College. After college Jose’s continuing interest in physics and chemistry led him to experiment with alternative printing and lighting processes throughout his study and practice of photography and his social science background led him to work for the Audubon Expedition Institute’s environmental studies program in New England, which focused on the social consequences on our environmental choices.

In addition to working as an inspector with Healthy Building Science you can find Jose moonlighting as a pyrotechnician, doing fireworks for the Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants and the city of San Francisco. When not having fun at work, Jose enjoys caving, backpacking, SCUBA diving and trying to keep up with his teenage boys.

Laurel Cain

Laurel Cain

Environmental Inspector

For the past decade Laurel has worked in the environmental field to reduce toxins, implementing sustainability certifications for building materials, and recently joined HBS as an environmental inspector.

Laurel has a passion for helping people to create environments that enrich their lives. Prior to her work in the environmental field, she was a commercial artist creating decorative paint finishes. After focusing on the aesthetic aspects of spaces, her interests evolved into creating more healthful spaces motivated by the poor air quality that results from many building materials and coatings.

Laurel holds a B.A in painting and intensive coursework in chemistry from Portland State University and the Evergreen State College and is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. She spends her free time tending to her garden, creating art, and sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

Anne-Lise Breuning

Anne-Lise Breuning

Environmental Inspector

LEED Green Associate
CDPH Lead Sampling Tech
Cal/OSHA Asbestos Site Sampling Tech, NIOSH 582

After Anne-Lise’s son tested with elevated lead levels from exposure to contaminated soil in their backyard, she was inspired to become her own inspector/contractor to protect her family's health. Public health services, contractors, and medical professionals only gave pieces of the solution and could not address the specific needs of their home and health resulting in an upsetting and frustrating experience.

Anne-Lise wished there was one service that had the technical expertise in environmental hazards and a holistic view of a healthy home that included advising and facilitating real life solutions. She's been on this quest ever since and now finds a profession to match her passion.

Her background is in film and education. She has worked in New York, San Francisco and around the world. Born and raised in an adobe passive solar house in New Mexico sustainability is baked into her world view. With deep roots in San Francisco, Anne-Lise is building community around sustainability and healthy homes.

Certifications include - CDPH Lead Sampling Technician, Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Certified Renovator, AHERA Building Inspector for Asbestos, Certified Green Building Professional and LEED Green Associate.

Certified Asbestos Consultant & Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor

Certified Asbestos Consultant & Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor


Our professional team provides a full range of Lead & Asbestos Inspection testing services for building and homeowners. In house certifications include the following: Certified Asbesto Consultant (CAC) and CDPH Lead Inspector and Lead Based Paint Risk Assessor (CDPH LI/RA) issued by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health and required by the U.S. EPA AHERA. CAC's must also be Asbestos Building Inspector, Contractor/Supervisor, Project Designer, and Management Planner.

Environmental Inspector

Gina Stadtner

Gina is from Austin, Texas. She is a mother and a vegan with a passion for animals and animal-rights causes. Gina previously worked at an animal shelter, and as an international travel advisor. She has a Masters in Experimental Psychology and worked with chimpanzees that know sign language. Call and she may help with your intake, billing, and scheduling. Environmental causes have always been near and dear to her, and she has enjoyed assisting clients create healthier indoor environments at Healthy Building Science.



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