Learn how to prevent mold & mildew growth in your home. Especially in mold prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Lead and asbestos are serious concerns in California, where regulations prioritize health and safety. Understanding the risks, testing thoroughly, and adhering to professional standards are critical steps in protecting yourself and your community. The Legacy of Lead & Asbestos Lead, once ubiquitous in paints and other products, and asbestos, widely used in construction, have left

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Home Smells

Are you tired of dealing with mysterious odors in your home? Wondering what might be causing your house to smell? Look no further! At Healthy Building Science, we’re here to help you identify and eliminate those pesky smells for good. Whether it’s mold, water damage, or indoor air quality testing, we have the knowledge and
Mold is a common household nuisance, triggering concerns about indoor air quality. In our quest for cleanliness, many turn to the familiar household solution – bleach. However, this seemingly straightforward remedy poses hidden dangers and may not be as effective as commonly believed. Understanding Mold Growth Before diving into the pitfalls of using bleach, let’s