A well-designed drainage system is essential to remove excess water from your house and helps in the prevention of water-related damage to a home or building. The main objective of a drainage system is to collect and remove waste matter to maintain healthy conditions in and around a building. Having a depth of knowledge about
It’s no secret – anyone living in Marin and Sonoma Counties fears wildfires now more than ever. In the last two years, wildfires decimated $11.2 billion worth of damages in the U.S., according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. And California is smack in the middle of Ground Zero. The top 10 worst wildfires

What is ERMI Testing?

Scientists always needed a reliable process to understand the amount of mold burden in a specific area. The conventional way of analyzing it today is by measuring mold concentrations in an airborne mold spore trap sample. For practical purposes, air sample readings have been limited to very brief periods, typically 5 minutes, with some limitations
Healthy Building Science recently spoke to Redfin about ways to improve the outdoor living space of your home. To check out our tip on how to enjoy more local wildlife in your yard, visit Redfin.