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Building Owner FAQs

Building Owner FAQs: What environmental services do you offer Building Owners?

We’re a one-stop shop for all environmental consulting. We support those worried about a sick building, or those who want a healthy building.

Who hires Healthy Building Science?Building Owner FAQs

We are often hired by the owner or the owner’s representative.

What types of buildings does Healthy Building Science inspect?

No building is too small, or too large. We inspect everything, apartments, single family homes, office towers and hospitals.

What differentiates HBS from the pack?

Our background and expertise in creating healthy buildings, coupled with our knowledge of building science and field-testing services, makes us a unique company offering more value than most “green building consultants” or industrial hygienists.

How fast can HBS respond to a request?

We almost always schedule within the week, and often can do next day site visits.

 How long does it take to get a report?

Most reports are generally delivered within the week, depending on lab turnaround times (TAT), if lab analysis is involved. TATs can be expedited for an additional fee. Communicate your desired TAT to our team.

How much does healthy building consulting cost?

Costs vary depending on where a project is located, how large the building is, duration of design-build schedule, experience of other team members, and what services are a priority for the owner.

Have you worked with sensitive client types?

Yes. We have lots of experience working with schools and homes with kids with asthma, or people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), or Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS). We also work with healthy groups just wanting to follow best practices.

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Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Healthy Building Inspections

Healthy Building Inspections

Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting