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Mold and Water Damage Resources – 2011

by / Wednesday, 30 November 2011 / Published in Healthy Building Inspections & Testing
mold and water damage resources

Mold and Water Damage Resources

These websites offer great information about mold and water damage, and mold remediation and water damage restoration. There are many mold and water damage resources out there, and we cannot come close to listing them all, but we feel these are useful resources for most people looking for a primer. No single website will cover all the bases, so hopefully we’ve done a good job providing enough variety.

This year most of the links are from governmental agencies, but their are some great bloggers out there and maybe next year we’ll include a few of our favorite bloggers.

Mold and Water Damage Resources:

Every year we will review and update this resource list. The intent is to have a list of easily accessible websites and resources to share with our clients and community. High level informational resources about mold and water damage are available and we encourage folks to check out these sites if you have any health/environmental-related questions around moisture and mold.
Our lists strive to be short and concise, and only include the best resources so as not to overwhelm the reader.
How much do you know about Mold and Water Damage? Test your knowledge by perusing these sites. I bet you’ll learn something new!
Let us know if you appreciate these links, or if you have other sites you’d like to suggest!

At least once a year we plan on updating this list of our favorite sites on mold and water damage issues for indoor environments.

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