Green and Sustainable Building Resources – 2011

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Green Building Resources – 2011

These green building resources offer free educational materials about Green Building, Healthy Building, and Sustainable Building. These are really all different names for the same thing: “High-Performance Building”

Healthy Building Science supports and has relied on these green building resources ourselves, so we are happy to share them with you!

 Green Building Resources

Each year we try to pull together a list of online resources to share with our clients and the general public. The idea is that by educating the world about what “green building” could be, we’ll eventually work our way right out of business!

There are an increasing number of green building consultants in the market place, but fortunately most do not understand “healthy building” the way we do, so we continue to serve this niche group and thrive as a company.

Let us know if you find these green building resources helpful, or if you have other site you suggest we include for next year.

Thank you for keeping up and caring about the built environment.