EMF Measurement and Mitigation in the Bedroom

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EMF Measurement and Mitigation in the Bedroom was an abstract written by Alex Stadtner and submitted to the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) for their Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in the “Be the Voice” program. 

EMF Measurement and Mitigation in the Bedroom

EMF Measurement and Mitigation

Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition 77

The electrification and digitalization of our society has lead to our increased exposure to Alternating Current (AC) electromagnetic fields (EMF). High levels of synthetic EMF can lead to health disorders and disease, and for the electrically-hypersensitive, even low-levels of EMF exposure can lead to dramatic symptoms. Many believe external sources of EMF, such as cell towers and high-voltage electric lines, are the primary route of exposure for Americans. However, in the US we are much more likely to have high exposure to EMF from sources internal to our buildings.

EMF Measurement and MitigationThe EU and several Asian countries have more stringent regulations for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. A growing number of Americans are concerned about EMF, and a wave of new consultation opportunities and increased regulation are likely in our future.
Come see what typical EMF measurements are around a mock-up bedroom. We’ll measure low frequency electric and magnetic fields, as well as explore radio frequencies around the home. Common internal sources and practical mitigation measures will be explored. We’ll have a demonstration of common tools and methods for measurements, highlight common internal sources and easy mitigation measures, and compare international guidelines and precautionary thresholds for EMF and RF.

If you would like to “Be the Voice” please comment on this abstract by visiting NEHA


We’re hoping enough people vote that they want to learn about EMF measurement and mitigation in the bedroom – so we’ll be able to present this important information at the anual NEHA conference in DC next year. Please visit the above NEHA link and put in a good word if you’d be interested in learning more about this up-and-coming environmental health topic.

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  1. Alex Stadtner says :

    This abstract was accepted! Thank you for all those that left positive comments. I’ll be in DC in July! They asked that I create a silly promotional video for other NEHA members… so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX2bQCfJzrQ

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