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EMF Equipment

by / Friday, 16 January 2015 / Published in Healthy Building Inspections & Testing
EMF Equipment_Body Voltage test Kit

EMF Equipment

Recommendations for Non-professionals

Concerned that you might have an EMF related issue at your home or office but not ready to hire a professional to come out and perform an investigation?  Interested in the subject of EMF related issues and EMF equipment, but do not have thousands of dollars handy to buy the equipment the professionals use?

There are some good meters out there that can allow you to measure the electric/magnetic field strengths, dirty electricity and Radio-Frequency power density levels without having to spend the thousands of dollars that the professionals need for their thorough investigations.

It is a pretty common question by people who are interested in the field, but please realize that EMF issues or Electrosmog (or whatever term is common in your region) is a complicated subject and those that are true professionals in the investigation of EMF related issues typically have strong backgrounds in Engineering, Science, Building Sciences, Electromagnetism and Electrical Systems. While having good equipment is necessary, the interpretation of the readings and the mitigation of problems found is a much more difficult matter that requires professional training and background.

However, typically as a first step, many people will purchase low-end equipment that give poor measurements of their particular situation.  Sometimes low-end equipment highly exaggerate the problems that are present and drive more work to the EMF professionals.  Sometimes low-end equipment drastically understates the problems that are present and make it seem there is no problem when there is actually a serious EMF issue.

Buying the EMF equipment recommended below, you can rest assured that your measurements are fairly accurate and more easily determine whether or not hiring an EMF professional is right for your situation.  Considering all of the costs together, however, it is likely cheaper to hire a professional for an inspection, unless you are an enthusiast.

Electric Field Measurements

EMF Equipment

EMF Equipment
Body Voltage test kit

Electric fields are very hard to read accurately with low-end meters.  It is typically better to use a specialized multimeter to perform what is called a Body Voltage test as a surrogate.  This is done by measuring the body’s own electric field as it is induced upon by nearby electric fields.  Not any normal multimeter will do as the test requires a specific resistance and capacitor rating in-line to ground. Voltcraft has developed a multimeter that fulfills this requirement (and still performs all other standard multimeter functions).  There are a number of parts that are needed, however Safe Living Technologies of Canada has developed an all-in-one kit for such testing.  Price is about $160.

Safe Living Technologies product link: http://www.slt.co/Products/BodyVoltageKits/HomeTestKit.aspx


Magnetic Field Measurements

EMF equipment

Magnetic Field Meter

The Tenmars TM-192 is a digital gaussmeter with basic options that provides good measurements of the ambient magnetic fields along all 3 axis. Set the magnetic field measurement readings to “Average” to obtain the tRMS measurements of the magnetic fields present. This measures the ELF (Extra Low Frequency) magnetic field ranges of 30 Hz to 2000 Hz.  Typical price is about $200.

Tenmars EMF products link:  http://www.tenmars.com/m/2001-1682-689905,c19113-1.php?Lang=en

RF Radiation Power Density Measurements

EMF equipment

RF EMF Strength Meter



The Extech RF EMF Strength Meter (480836) is a digital RF radiation power density meter that provides good measurements of the ambient RF radiation levels along all 3 axis.  Set the RF power density measurement readings to “Peak” or “Peak Hold” to obtain the peak strengths of the RF pulses in your vicinity.  RF pulses are extremely quick and will not register correctly if the meter is set to “Average”. This meter measures about 75% of the frequently used the Radar/RF/Wifi/Cell Phone bands. Range of 50 mHz to 3.5 Ghz.  Typical price is about $250.


Extech EMF products link: http://www.extech.com/instruments/product.asp?catid=57&prodid=351

Tenmars has a similar product, the TM-195: http://www.tenmars.com/webls-en-us/05.html

Dirty Electricity

EMF equipment

Dirty Electricity Meter

Greenwave has come out with a line of dirty electricity measuring and filtering devices. The house should be mitigated of all other issues before addressing dirty electricity as adding filters can exacerbate magnetic field issues if there are wiring problems in the home (which is found typically in about 70% of homes).  Typical price is about $150.

Greenwave products link: https://greenwavefilters.com/dirty-electricity/

Net Current

While the equipment for investigating Net Current issues is not specialized, the training is.  Investigating Net Current issues can pose a significant shock risk and should not be attempted by anyone not trained in electrical systems.  If you should notice fluctuating magnetic or electric fields, this points to a likely net current issue.


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