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Green Building Consulting

Few designers and contractors have mastered green building rating systems - and even fewer have a deep understanding of healthy buildings or take a whole-building systems approach to smart design. green building consulting addresses important issues such as controlling moisture and mold, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and electromagnetic radiation (EMF),  are often neglected during design and construction, when proactive mitigation efforts are easiest and most affordable. We streamline the green building rating process (e.g., LEED or GreenPoint Rated and BECx)

Green Building Consulting for the San Francisco Greater Bay Area

While most consultants focus on energy efficiency, we specialize in identifying simple and practical solutions for improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Need Help Going Green? We are Certified Green Building Consultants

Healthy Building Science's expert design and construction consulting brings a holistic approach to meeting the healthy building goals of your project. Let HBS help establish clear goals for you project and be confident your team will accomplish them. When you design and construct a healthy building that feels comfortable and safe, your whole team will be proud. The following video illustrates the installation of an underground rainwater cistern for a net zero water project, for which HBS helped facilitate the successful production.

Benefits of Design and Construction Consulting

Alex Explains the Green Building Consulting Process

A third-party representative of sustainability at the table puts high performance first, and the status quo on notice. HBS brings environmental and building science depth to your design/build team. We add value through our unique education and experience for both commercial & residential green building projects.

An expert on Green Building practices and Healthy Building standards on your team from the start helps assure:

  • Appropriate goals are set
  • Efficient navigation through LEED, GPR and other green building rating tools.
  • Clear delineation and communication of the responsibilities of all members of the design and construction team, so that  LEED, GPR and healthy building requirements will be met
  • Cost savings

Green Building Consulting Services

HBS typically works directly for the owner or the lead design professional, and sometimes for the General Contractor. Our services are customized to fit the client's particular needs and the LEED, GreenPoint Rated and/or principles of Building Biology (Bau-Biologie in German). We offer full-service green building consulting which includes:

Full Service Consulting

Building Science, Design Consulting, Construction Consulting, LEED, GreenPoint Rated, Building Biology, Healthy Materials Selection, EMR/EMF Mitigation.

Green Design Consulting

Eco-Charrette Facilitation (goal setting & brainstorming), LEED Checklists, GreenPoint Rated Checklists for new single & multi-family and existing single, Specification Review, Material Research, Plan/Drawing Review, Site Plan Review.

Green Construction Consulting

Contractor Training, Construction Waste Management Plans, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plans, Material Research & Submittal Reviews, LEED IAQ Testing.