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Building Science

Building science is essentially the study of how air, heat, and water move through buildings. Understanding the physics of air, heat, and water movement is critical to designing and building a durable, comfortable, and healthy building. It may not sound complicated, but you’d be amazed at how many designers and builders don’t get it right.Building Science_Silicon Valley

Inadequate ventilation can lead to stale rooms, sick building syndrome and Mold problems. Water wicking up from a foundation can lead to dryrot in the sill plate. Condensation in wall cavities or an attic can lead to water damage and mold growth. These are all very common problems that can be analyzed understood and avoided through the lens of Building Science.

Sadly, through the other half of our business Healthy Building Inspections, we all too often see the pitfalls of common construction techniques that lead to water damage and severe mold problems. The additional cost of a building science consultation on the front end of a project, pales in comparison to the potential costs associated with mold remediation and structural repairs that can result from disregarding nature’s rules.


It’s not Rocket Science… It’s Building Science!

Healthy Building Science helps designers and builders ask tough questions about buildings. We take a holistic approach to green building consulting that includes paying close attention to basic principles of building science. Whether you’re evaluating a wall assembly for potential problems with vapor permeability and condensation or looking for an entire building science review we’re at your service.