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Are cell towers, power lines, and wifi affecting EMF/EMR in your building?

EMF Consultant

Electromagnetic Field Testing and Inspections (EMF/EMR)

Employee complaints or reduced staff productivity? Electrosmog keeping you up at night? Suffering unexplained muscle tension or fatigue? Electromagnetic field testing may help find the culprit.

Many of our electromagnetic radiation (EMR) clients are electrically sensitive and have difficulty sleeping, get headaches or ringing in the ears, or have other symptoms from electrosmog. We help our clients create a more natural and health-supporting spaces by reducing artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at their home or work environment.

Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity (headache, muscle tension, sleeping disorders) can be debilitating. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible and can be extremely complex. Without knowing sources or understanding mitigation strategies, do-it-yourself approaches can do more harm than good.

Professional consulting and pre- and post-mitigation testing provides certainty and peace of mind.  Many common EMF mitigations are zero cost or even save money (e.g., turning your cell phone and Wi-Fi off at night). In particular cases, further mitigation may be required to achieve a more health-supporting living space.

EMF Consultant San Francisco

HBS has the training, equipment necessary, and protocols (Building Biology– adopted from Germany) to evaluate your building for EMF and suggest practical and effective mitigation strategies. We regularly identify wiring errors (electrical code violations) that lead to elevated magnetic fields in buildings. By working with electricians we are able to identify and correct the wiring error and the magnetic fields are reduced instantly to normal background levels. Our typical EMF survey takes 2-4 hours. Costs and time onsite vary depending on the location and size of the office/home or building.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF/EMR) Success Story

Many of our clients say they sleep better and have less muscle tension after EMF mitigation. One client with electromagnetic sensitivity built his dream home in Hawaii, but when cellular towers and a radio tower were built down the street, he began suffering migraines. Before putting the home on the market he learned about Building Biology EMF inspections and called Healthy Building Science as a last attempt to keep from moving. While his case was complex and required some rewiring and Radio Frequency shielding in his bedroom, he now lives comfortably in his dream home.

What do EMF Survey’s Include?

Residential EMF inspections can identify significant internal and external sources of EMF exposure, and determine if utilities are carrying any stray current. Includes testing for “dirty electricity” or “electromagnetic interference.” Survey includes testing for low-frequency electric and magnetic fields, and radio frequency (RF) radiation, on the four corners of the site and building as well as at all sleeping areas. Discussion and possible testing of basic approaches to mitigation are included.

EMF Commercial Survey & Site Evaluation 

Traverse the site and collect measurements for AC magnetic fields and/or Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. Readings will be collected at a minimum of the 4 corners of the property, and depending on the needs of the project we can walk transects across the property collecting measurements at specific locations upon request. If measurements are required more than 8ft off the ground, a cherry-picker or scissor-lifter will be rented to help collect elevated measurements. Depending on project requirements reporting will be done via email or transcribed on an aerial photograph. Call or email today for a free estimate.

Electromagnetic Inspections Benefits and Services

Electromagnetic Inspections Benefits and ServicesOur training, experience, and technology are unique in this area of environmental assessments. HBS uses finely calibrated metering equipment and a proven protocols to analyze buildings for electrosmog. Surveys can take between 2-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. We usually focus on low frequency EMR in the sleeping and working areas, and high frequency Radio Frequency throughout the building. We are also often called upon to survey property without any buildings. The final report includes a site/floor plan with meter readings, and suggestions for mitigation.

Electromagnetic inspections commonly include:

  • AC Electric Fields (60 Hz - appliances, lamps, clocks, cords, plugs, etc.)
  • AC Magnetic Fields (60 Hz)
  • Radio Frequency (High Frequency - cordless phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, etc.)
  • Dirty Electricity (aka: "noise," or "high-voltage transients")

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