Creating an EMF Sanctuary


“This office went from buzzing to silent with the help of Healthy Building Science. They were professional and very knowledgeable, and by the end of the process our office felt amazing and registered really low on all their sensitive meters.

-Satisfied Office Owner

Creating an EMF Sanctuary – Summary

EMF Mitigation RF Shielding Fabric

EMF mitigation RF shielding fabric

Silicon Valley

This client was very sensitive to EMF and RF, a diagnosis called Electrical Hypersensitivity. He heard a buzzing in the office and never felt fully comfortable in the space. The one-room, large open office had beautiful views overlooking Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, that view also allowed a Radio Frequency (RF) “blip” from a nearby radar to significantly affect the space. It was a converted residential suite so the wiring was Romex, not metal-clad wiring, so electric fields were also present. Lastly, there were wiring errors resulting in unnecessarily high magnetic fields in the room.

EMF Mitigation –  Process

Healthy Building Science performed an initial assessment developing an action plan to mitigate low frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMF), the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation coming from neighborhood WiFi and cell towers, and the radar in the valley. HBS helped identify the best materials for this particular application, oversaw installation to ensure quality control, and performed final testing to verify reduction targets were achieved.

To test the effectiveness of RF shielding before permanent installation, we temporarily hung a see through RF shielding fabric and ran tests. Sure enough, shielding over this exterior wall made significant improvements so we advised proceeding with permanent, invisible RF shielding.

As electric fields were also a concern, a small grounding plate was attached over the carbon based paint to ensure the entire wall plane was grounded shielding against electric fields from in-wall wiring.

EMF Mitigation - grounding plate

EMF mitigation – grounding plate

Fine Metal Mesh to Block RF

Fine metal mesh installation to block RF






A fine metal mesh made of copper was installed and hidden beneath the carpet. Once grounded, the mesh blocked RF and electric fields from downstairs sources.




EMF Office Mitigation Y-Shield paint

EMF office mitigation Y-Shield paint

EMF Project – Highlights

  • HBS helped identify and repair numerous wiring errors with the assistance of an electrician, reducing client exposure to magnetic fields.
  • Installed 3 different types of RF shielding materials: a copper fine mesh under the carpet, Y-Shield (carbon based) paint for walls and ceiling, and an RF-blocking window film on all windows.
  • Grounded shielding materials for the wall and flooring creating a Faraday cage and reducing exposure to electric fields.


Healthy Home Remodel – Team

General Contractor and Painting = Home Preservation Services

Window Film Installer = Transparent Glass Coatings (TGC)

EMF Consultant = Healthy Building Science