EMF Rooftop Mitigation

EMF Rooftop Mitigation Testimonial:

“Healthy Building Science neither minimized nor exaggerated level of disturbance my business was experiencing with the cell tower and RF levels. When I first reached out to them I thought I had a problem that could not be solved. With their help this was not the case at all. I am extremely grateful to their contribution to my health, and my building’s health. I have happily referred HBS to several friends already. ”

EMF Rooftop Mitigation - Radio Frequency Radiation

EMF/RF Case study – Cell Towers Mounted on Rooftop

–Business Owner

EMF Rooftop Mitigation for Oakland Office


Project Summary

RF Issues: Cell Phone Antennae-sourced RF Radiation

Problems in Detail: Client’s penthouse office space is being strongly affected by two cell phone antenna that are mounted on the same roof. Stucco siding is providing partial shielding to roughly 50% of the office space.  However, the area being partially shielding is lesser used office space, not the main working areas.  The main working areas and outdoor patio are fully exposed to the RF radiation from the pair of cell phone antenna.  Client has described various health effects that seem to correlate to long exposure to high RF-radiation power densities.

Locations RF Radiation Power Density Building Biology Concern Level
Roof @ 20’ from antennae 379,000 uW/m2(microWatts per square meter) >=1000 mV“Extreme”, High Concern
Rooftop Patio Area 143,000 uW/m2 >=1000 uW/m2“Extreme”, High Concern
Work Area 58,000 uW/m2 >=1000 mV“Extreme”, High Concern
Back Room(partially shielded by Stucco, approximately 80% reduction from expected levels) 10,820 uW/m2 >=1000 uW/m2“Extreme”, High Concern

Other factors to consider: Continuous exposure to these high levels of RF radiation have apparently ‘sensitized’ the client. Landlord is unconcerned regarding possible RF issues and will not assist financially though has given permission to allow client to apply RF-shielding to the space. As such, this needs to be done in a very-cost effective manner.


RF Abatement Implementation:

Privacy Fence with RF shielding material

Privacy Fence with RF shielding material

1)     For RF-shielding the areas open to the cell phone antennae’s emissions:

  1. A longer standalone aesthetic privacy fence, similar to the one the client had previously installed, would be made.  However, this newer privacy fence would also contain RF-shielding foils internally to reflect the cell phone antennae’s radiations.  This newer privacy fence would stand between the open areas of the patio and work area and the cell phone antennae.

2)     For further reinforcing the areas partially RF-shielded by Stucco:

  1. RF-shielding foils were to be attached to the stucco exterior directly and then hidden by exterior grade plywood and painted when confirmed to lower the penetrating RF-radiations.

EMF Rooftop Mitigation Results

Immediate Results after Implementation:

Locations RF power density before shielding RF power density after shielding Percent Reduction from previous levels
Roof @ 20’ from antennae 379,000 uW/m2 Target: 25,000 uW/m2Actual: 12,740 uW/m2 Target: 93.4%Actual: 96.6%
Rooftop Patio Area 143,000 uW/m2 Target: 10,000 uW/m2Actual: 8,010 uW/m2 Target: 93.0%Actual: 94.4%
Work Area 58,000 uW/m2 Target: 5,000 uW/m2Actual: 2,450 uW/m2 Target: 91.4%Actual: 95.8%
Back Office(already partially shielded by Stucco) 10,820 uW/m2 Target: 2,500 uW/m2Actual: 1,933 uW/m2 Target: 76.9%Actual: 82.1%


Though the levels are still considered “High” in regards to the Building Biology guidelines, the client has noticed remarkable improvement in her health concerns already. She has expressed a desire to further reduce the RF radiation levels with additional RF shielding, additional methods of which we will be assisting.  It will be our goal to reduce these levels to at least “Moderate”, wherever possible in the office space.

It was also found in the course of the final RF checkout, that there were higher than expected levels of RF radiation at the Receptionist desk. Further investigation showed that the office phone had an undocumented feature: this phone was Bluetooth compatible, which uses the same RF frequencies as the cellular antennae. Calling up the manufacture we found out that this feature was not able to be disabled.  The client opted for replacing the phone and has found additional relief in the office space.

It should be noted that the Building Biology guidelines for level of concern consider the most natural state as being the ideal.  As such, “No” or “Slight” levels of concern are difficult, though usually not impossible, to reach in the urban/suburban environment.  For cost efficacy, our clients are usually content with reaching “Slight” (Low) or low-“Severe” (Low-Moderate) levels of concern as indicated by the Building Biology guidelines in these urban/suburban settings. This EMF Rooftop Mitigation was a great success!