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New England Leed Platinum Home

“The HBS team was great. They helped us define goals for sustainability early on, and ensured that these goals made it to the drawings and specifications. Most of the team was familiar with some healthy building practices, but HBS brought the project to a whole new level with their expertise, broad scope of knowledge, and sophisticated research.  They did testing during and after construction to verify environmental quality and make sure specifications were followed. Knowing HBS was by our side during the entire process provided peace of mind.=

 From EMF abatement, water quality and air quality testing, healthy material research, LEED and energy efficiency consulting, we could count on Alex and his team to take care of our green building needs. With their leadership, we earned LEED Platinum and created a beautiful, healthy home for our family.

Lakeside LEED home -New England

Lakeside LEED home -New England



LEED Platinum Project Summary:


An existing beach-front property on Lake Winnipesaukee was purchased by an artist extraordinaire. 3 existing buildings and the landscape were completely redone, and the owner gave top priority to healthy building materials and careful management of the precious natural site. LEED Platinum home was achieved. Many unique local restrictions for protecting the lake were in harmony with the LEED for Homes Rating System.


LEED Platinum Process:


HBS was engaged very early in the design process. LEED helped provide a framework for discussing the many facets of sustainable design. HBS helped identify the owner goals for sustainability and develop an action list for the rest of the design-build team. This project was fortunate to have the builder onboard early in design, so decisions impacting cost and overall feasibility were made quickly.


In addition to LEED-H and low-EMF design consulting, HBS really dove into healthy materials on this project. Special wiring was selected without PVC jacketing, solid wood was used for roofdeck and subfloor in order to avoid formaldehyde, and no materials with halogenated flame retardants were used. A foam-free 21st-century building in New Hampshire is quite unique! Aerogeland dense-pack-cellulose insulation were utilized.

Architect's Rendering - New England

Architect’s Rendering – New England


Results or Project Highlights:


  • LEED Platinum
  • Free of Formaldehyde, PVC, and Halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Healthy and natural stains and finishes
  • Fully wired with cat-6 to minimize need for wi-fi
  • Low-EMF wiring methods to reduce magnetic fields
  • Solar electric array
  • Native, non-invasive, hypoallergenic, and non-poisonous plants
  • Whole-house water filtration


Project Team:


Healthy Materials, Building Science, Low-EMF, and LEED Consultant = Healthy Building Science

Interior Design = Sherry Williamson Design, Inc. 

Architect = Olson Kundig Architects

MEP Engineer = WSP Flack & Kurtz

Builder = Woodmeister

LEED Rater = Jordan Institute






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