Building Biology Resources – 2011

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The Institute for Building Biology & Ecology (IBE) is truly a remarkable organization. In the 70’s they brought very forward-thinking German design/build/testing protocols to the US. Since then the organization has flourished and many of the top environmental consultants in the country have gone through their training and certification program. There are not too many good Building Biology Resources available, but where we lack in quantity we thrive in quality!

It is the only group in the US offering professional level training and certification for the testing and mitigation of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation. We strongly encourage those interested in healthy building or environmental testing to go through the Building Biology Environmental Consultant certification program. Their website also includes many low-cost classes and some free content about Building Biology Resources available in the US. We actually get quite a few referrals from their “Find an Expert” pages:

Building Biology Resources – 2011

Every year we will review and update this resource list. The intent is to have a list of easily accessible websites and resources to share with our clients and community. There are not too many building biology resources available so we encourage you to check out these sites and find others.

In general our lists favor non-profits that we trust, and governmental agencies sharing what we consider valuable information. Our lists strive to be short and concise, and only include the best resources so as not to overwhelm the reader. In this case it was easy to not overwhelm, but difficult to find any governmental resources about Building Biology.

How much do you know about Building Biology? Test your knowledge by perusing these sites.

Let us know if you appreciate these links, or if you have other sites you’d like to suggest!