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Antioch College Internship

Healthy Building Science has officially employed two Antioch College students. I did my first “co-op” in 1996 in a peace camp deep in the heart of Chiapas during the Zapatista uprising. Funny how the circle comes all the way around. Dustin Mapel is an Antioch student currently interning with Healthy Building Science. Antioch has long been known for encouraging work and study, and the Antioch College Internship program is also referred to as “cooperative education,” or “co-op.

Dustin Mapel gets to work a Antioch College Internship in San Francisco

Dustin Mapel gets to work a Antioch College Internship in San Francisco

Antioch College Co-Op Student Dustin Mapel

Dustin brings new life to our company. Savvy with the internet, social marketing, and very handy with his hands, Dustin has been busy doing all sorts of work for Healthy Building Science.

Perhaps most importantly he’s been updating our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. He’s made these social media platforms more searchable, relevant, and interesting…. and surprise, surprise – we’re getting more web traffic! It’s been a great help having someone so familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right here in the office. We borrowed a lot from a book called “Inbound Marketing,” and the authors also have a helpful website with good tips on SEO.

Dustin has a personal interest in green building consulting and lots of experience in construction and handyman work. He’s helped set up our new office in San Rafael, CA, and in addition to all the SEO support he’s provided, we’ve also leaned on him for some complicated furniture assembly!

One of his learning objectives for this co-0p is to understand the science and best-practices around electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR). He’s interested in how to design and build structures for minimizing EMF, and also in EMF assessments to identify problem areas. On his first EMF inspection Dustin helped identify a significant point-source in the attic of an older home that still had knob-and-tube wiring. Older homes that still have actively powered knob and tube wiring emit large magnetic fields due to the separation of the Hot and Neutral conductors.

Antioch College Internship for EMF Survey

Antioch College Intern Dustin Mapel on EMF Inspection. 3.7 milliGauss on meter.

Antioch College Internship forever?

Antioch College has been on a roller-coaster ride… really since inception. But the last 15 years have been especially turbulent. Recently the College broke away from Antioch University, and there was a question whether or not the College would survive on its own.

As an alumni of two Antiochs (Antioch College and Antioch New England University) – I was quite worried at the time of the divorce.  However, after meeting Dustin and hearing about life on campus, I’m more confident than ever that Antioch College will live – at least for another couple generations!

For employers out there considering employing Antioch Co-Op Students – JUST DO IT!  You won’t regret the help you receive… or the feeling of knowing you’ve supported an amazing student in their lifelong journey of learning.

Dustin – we look forward to watching your life unfold! Thank you for all your amazing work.