EMF Mitigation for High Magnetic Fields

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EMF Magnetic Field Mitigation child's bedroom

High Magnetic Fields

Exterior Net Current Mitigation: EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

Intermittent MF Issues: Exterior-sourced Net Current  EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

Problems in Detail: A child’s bedroom showed a line of higher than anticipated magnetic fields running up the guest bedroom wall from the main electrical panel situated in the garage below.  This article outlines the EMF mitigation for magnetic fields in this home.

Investigations in the garage showed that the magnetic fields were high near the metal water main line as well. These magnetic fields were also shown to fluctuate at random intervals. This points to Neutral-Ground faults in the house that might be being shunted to earth ground through the metal water pipe rather than dedicated earth ground. Or, possibly that there is a wiring fault in the neighborhood and the electrical current from that neighbor’s electrical fault is entering this house through the metal water pipe.

EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

EMF_High Magnetic Fields MF child’s bedroom

Magnetic Fields before Mitigation

Location Range of Magnetic Field Strengths
Ambient levels near the metal water pipe 1.81 mG
Against the metal water pipe Between 5.63 and 20.83 mG
Against the Wall Between 5.59 and 9.50 mG
1’ from the Wall (where the crib) Between 1.22 and 5.81 mG


The Building Biology guidelines regarding the levels of concern for magnetic fields describes these levels as being a Moderate Concern (>1 mG) and High Concern (>5 mG). These concerns are especially for areas where exposure is for long durations, such as in bedrooms or home offices. The World Health Organization cancer research institute, IARC (Internation Agency for Research on Cancer), evaluated low frequency magnetic fields in 2002 and classified them in category 2B. Category 2B translates to “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” This was due to epidemiological results related to childhood leukemia. ” Research supports the value of EMF mitigation for magnetic fields to reduce health risks, particularly in a child’s room.

For Reference – The IARC report studying EMF was: IARC Monographs Volume 80 in 2002.

Wiring Investigation and Mitigation: Working with an electrician, we were able to find one Neutral-Ground fault on an electrical appliance in the home. Other error-checking pointed to the majority of the Net Current issue as having come in from a neighborhood wiring fault that is being distributed on the metal water pipes (an Exterior Net Current Issue). The electrician was guided to install a dedicated earth ground to bond the metal water pipe. A plumber was also brought in to install a dielectric union to insulate the house ground from the metal water main line. After the mitigation the new magnetic field levels were measured to verify the corrections fixed the intermittent magnetic field issue.

EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

EMF_Magnetic Fields after mitigation in child’s bedroom


EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields after Mitigation

Immediate Results after Exterior Net Current Mitigation:

Location Range of Magnetic Field Strengths
Ambient levels near the metal water pipe 0.45 mG
Against the metal water pipe above the dielectric union Between 0.39 and 0.46 mG
Against the Wall Between 1.48 and 1.60 mG
1’ from the Wall (where the crib) Between 0.28 and 0.32 mG


The Building Biology guidelines regarding the levels of concern for magnetic fields describes these levels as being a No Concern (<0.2 mG) and Slight Concern (>0.2 and <1 mG).

EMF Mitigation for Magnetic Fields

EMF_Magnetic Field Mitigation



It should be noted that the Building Biology guidelines for level of concern consider the most natural state as being the ideal. As such, “No” or “Slight” levels of concern are difficult to reach in the urban/suburban environment. These levels are not impossible, however. For cost efficacy, our clients are usually content with reaching “No” or “Slight” (Low) or even low-“Severe” (Low-Moderate) levels of concern as indicated by the Building Biology guidelines in these urban/suburban settings.  For more information on this topic Search for “EMF spectrum” online for a visual representation of where different forms of EMF fall on the continuum. For a complete overview of published health-related effects from exposure to all types of electromagnetic radiation, I suggest the Bioinitiative Report which is available for $2 online.

By: Cameron Freres; Environmental Inspector, EMF Consultant

5 Responses to “EMF Mitigation for High Magnetic Fields”

  1. Caroline McDaniel says :

    Hi! I am reaching out, with a question about wiring in efforts to reduce emf exposure. Our electrician is coming this week to wire and I think I am making him crazy:-) Question – I have told him I want the wires on the wall of our headboards to go up and around the top of wall, however he asked about wire going over the beds ? Is that okay? I have asked for a master switch in all the bedrooms for night time but the ones going to the bathroom would still be live…Is this okay? I really want to get this right and he is asking me…Thank you in advance for your help!

  2. Alex Stadtner says :

    If you have access to the pipe under your floor you could conceivably have a small section of plastic pipe installed yourself. You can also track the stray current and see where else you might “cut it off.” As a last line of defence, you could experiment with turning off certain loads and determine the best case scenario if your loads do impact the magnetic fields (stray current). Lastly, you could experiment with magnetic field shielding materials (it’s not really shielding) which may reduce exposure in your home by 30-60%. Best of luck, HBS

  3. Hal Weiss says :

    Dielectric coupling is an inexpensive solution, but not possible when you live in a condo. The boards of condos only listen to their legal beagles and can’t think for themselves. I was turned down 3 times by my board even after I offered to pay the entire expense myself. The magnetic field in the water pipe goes through my dining rm & living rm and affects the entire house. In the summertime it goes over 100mg at floor level. It’s nice to be in a community with warm, compassionate, understanding people. Wish I had such a community, instead of sheeple.

  4. Mitigating and Eliminating Magnetic EMFs – A Mom’s Guide (part 4) - Organic Housewife says :

    […] a plumber that will take the concerns seriously and work together is a real challenge.  In this case study, “The electrician was guided to install a dedicated earth ground to bond the metal water pipe to […]

  5. Alex Stadtner says :

    These sorts of wiring errors are so common. It continues to surprise me that we find these in just about every building we inspect. Finding the high magnetic fields is relatively easy, troubleshooting and fixing the exact problem is more complex and can take time. Usually the electrician cannot isolate the problem without an EMF consultant present. Helping electricians find and fix wiring errors is an interesting niche service that is under increasing demand. Sadly, the electrical inspectors, electricians, and building owners would have no idea there was a wiring error without first having an EMF inspection.

    Also – a future blog should address magnetic field shielding. This is possible, and can reduce magnetic fields by 30-60%, but should be considered a band-aid approach if the underlying wiring error can be fixed.

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