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Building Health Initiative Logo

Building Health Initiative

Building Health Initiative LogoHealthy Building Science is honored to be a part of the Building Health Initiative, a project of the U.S. Green Building Council-Northern California Chapter.

The aim of the Initiative is to bring leaders from multiple sectors of the green building industry together to promote health and wellness. Healthy Building Science was recruited for our expertise in residential and commercial healthy building inspections.

What it is:

The Building Health Initiative is a two-year program during which partners have pledged to implement new organizational actions. These actions will raise awareness about building health and create market demand for product transparency and healthy places.

Our commitment:

Healthy Building Science is leveraging the partnership and our inspection expertise to collect data on indoor air quality metrics for projects of all sizes. With this data, we hope to:

  • Fill in data gaps for scientists studying construction IAQ
  • Publish results that will inform the green building industry

Want to help?

Do you have a project that would be a good candidate for sampling? Contact us!

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