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Concerned about what’s in your water supply?

Water Quality Testing

Water Testing Service, water testing, water quality testing, water testing Bay Area, water testing San Francisco, Water testing Marin CountyConcerned about what’s in your water supply? Is your water filter really working?

If you care about water quality you know that a bad taste or bad smell can ruin the pleasure of drinking. If your water tastes “weird” or smells “chemically” then there is clearly reason for concern. However, not every water pollutant can be tasted or smelled. Some dangerous forms of bacteria and many common pesticides cannot be detected without lab analysis. Not knowing if your water supply is safe can cost you more than just anxiety, and investing in bottled water or water purification can be expensive and unnecessary. Water samples can determine if filtration is necessary or effective.

The young and elderly, immune compromised, or pregnant should be especially cautious.The US EPA suggests private wells be tested annually for nitrates and coliform bacteria. Unfortunately, however, the US EPA does not regulate many chemicals commonly found in our water supply. owever, the more we know about our water system the more empowered we are to make sure we are getting the highest quality water possible. Which type of piping is better: plastic vs. copper?

Through precise lab analysis we make the invisible – visible. Our user-friendly reports will indicate if additional filtration is recommended or if your existing filtration system is sufficient, providing peace-of-mind and clear direction for maintaining good water quality.

Water Testing Success Story:

A client with a son on the autistic spectrum relied on well water and was concerned heavy metals (from a nearby mine) and pesticides (from a neighbor with a hatred for gophers) were leaching into her well.

She invested in an expensive Reverse Osmosis filtration system on her doctors’ recommendation. After HBS tested her unfiltered well water for more than 170 common water pollutants, we learned her water was exceptionally clean. She disconnected the Reverse Osmosis system and now tests the well twice a year and says the water tastes better without filtration!

Healthy Building Science provides water testing services to clients located in San Francisco, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Napa, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Solano County and Sonoma County. Allow up to 14 business days for extensive water quality testing results. Additional single water quality tests for lead, nitrates, and bacteria are available upon request.

Water Testing Benefits

Water Testing Benefits

We have several packages of comprehensive water quality tests. We take samples according to EPA protocols and partner with certified labs for accurate results. HBS provides results in a user-friendly summary, and includes suggestions for maintaining healthy water quality.

After determining the scope of water quality screening required, HBS carefully collects the water sample(s). Our Standard Screen is comprehensive, including more than 80 contaminants.

Water Quality Testing Services

  • Microbiologicals:
  • Inorganics and Metals:
  • Physical Factors:
  • Inorganic Analytes
  • Organic Analytes

Standard Screen + Pesticides

  • Includes all of the Standard Screen
  • and 20 common pesticides

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