Clean Air for Daycare

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A healthy indoor environment is important to us and Healthy Building Science helped us to create a clean, safe place for our kids. 

-Daycare Manager

Clean Air for Daycare Project Summary:

A daycare in the Bay Area wanted to test the air quality throughout all of its rooms. HBS performed the inspection and testing as a preemptive measure to identify any potential concerns. A wide range of onsite and laboratory testing was performed. While no “red flags” were identified which would call for immediate attention, multiple ways to improve the indoor environment were identified and recommended.



Clean Air for Daycare.

Indoor Air Quality IAQ Assessment Process:

The inspection was comprehensive and thorough with indoor and outdoor areas, attic and crawlspace, living and hidden spaces investigated. Interviews with daycare workers and a review of the building history also helped to identify areas of concern.

After analyzing test results and relating them to the initial visual inspection, HBS found ways of improving air flow to provide fresh air throughout all rooms in the daycare. Unsealed penetrations to the crawlspace were found and sealing the openings helped eliminate migration of contaminants into indoor areas. An upgrade of air filters in the HVAC system as recommended by HBS provided a measured reduction in airborne particulates. Finally, HBS recommended a variety of cleaning and organizing techniques which, when implemented by the daycare, works to keep their indoor environment healthy.


IAQ Assessment daycare interior

Daycare IAQ Results:

  • Improved ventilation and added comfort
  • New techniques to maintain clean and healthy spaces
  • Peace of mind that the daycare’s indoor environment is healthy

Clean Air for Daycare Project team:

HBS Team: Kevin Cordes, Environmental Consultant, and David Sasse, Director of Environmental Services, CMI, CIE, Council Certified Microbial Investigator, Council Certified Indoor Environmentalist, Board awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification