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Indoor air quality inspections for your home, office and workplace.

Indoor Air Quality Expert

workplace air quality inspection san francisco, indoor air quality expert San FranciscoStrange smells have employees complaining? Runny nose or asthma symptoms inside? Need LEED IAQ testing? An Air Quality Inspection is the first step toward addressing these concerns.

Some air pollutants you can see or smell, but many dangerous air contaminants are colorless and odorless. Without the right equipment and expertise it is impossible to know what is in the air you breathe. Considering the EPA says indoor air is commonly more than five times more contaminated than outdoors, people want to know if their air is healthy or if mitigation is necessary. If you have any doubts about the IAQ in your home, office or workplace, it is time for an Indoor Air Quality Inspection.

HBS detects and identifies indoor pollutants and helps inform clients about their environment. Often times simple and affordable changes in purchasing or lifestyle habits can have a dramatic effect on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Other times using an air purifier, air-sealing the crawlspace or parking garage, or perhaps more involved mitigation is required to achieve good IAQ. Let us inspect your building and run a number of tests to “see” what’s in the air and identify any “smoking guns.”


Workplace Air Quality Inspection

Commercial Office Case Study: An HR manager at a marketing company in Oakland continued getting employee complaints about bad smells and headaches certain times of the week. An inspection of the HVAC air intakes revealed that an exhaust vent from a neighboring building was too close by. It turned out that whenever the neighbor did a print run, and turned on their exhaust, our client’s building was flooded with smells of paint fumes which caused the complaints. The intake duct was easily rerouted and employee complaints about air quality stopped. We work on all building types, from hospitals and labs, to airports and schools.

Residential Case Study: A concerned mother in San Jose was bothered by a bad smell in her kids rooms. For months she worried that something was creeping in from under the house. After a thorough inspection it was discovered that a used mattress they had purchased for the growing boys was the source of the offending odor. The mattress was removed and the smell vanished within days. Easy fix, significant benefits. We perform indoor air inspections for single family and multi-family buildings.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing Benefits

Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing BenefitsThrough occupant interviews and careful observation we are trained to zero in on sources of Indoor Air contaminants. We can test for a wide variety of indoor air pollutants, from gases-to-particulates. Our final report details findings and makes practical recommendations for improving your IAQ. Often times a trained inspector can identify common problem areas without the need of additional lab testing. If it will provide value to the inspection we collect samples for lab analysis. Your final report is emailed to you within two weeks (expedited services available) and it includes findings from the inspection, a user-friendly analysis of lab results, and recommendations for improvements.

Air Quality Testing & Inspection Services

  • Allergens (cat, cockroach, dog, dust mite, mouse, rat, pollen)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Combustible gases
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mold spores (viable and non-viable)
  • Particulates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)


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