Concerned about the environment in your home, office or workplace?

Healthy Building Inspections / Industrial Hygiene

Worried about that musty smell, or have occupants complaints?

You’re right to be concerned. There’s no question that sick buildings are contagious. Indoor pollutants can lead to severe and life-threatening health effects, such as chronic heart disease and lung cancer, as well as affect cognitive function of employees and purchasing habits of customers.

Now more than ever, building owners and tenants are searching answers to their environmental concerns. Obviously, identifying and mitigating pollutants early can prevent harm, but there is not always cause for alarm.  That’s where we come in.

If you want facts about your home, office or workplace, then you can benefit from a Healthy Building Inspection. We will develop our own hypothesis during the inspection, but the empirical evidence we provide can help bring you peace of mind and put your concerns to rest.

Alex Explains Healthy Building Inspections

Healthy Building Inspections for the Home, Office and Workplace

Our inspectors are thorough and we inspect and sample for a wide array of common environmental pollutants.

Building science and environmental science are complex, and some pollutants can only be detected with specialized meters and techniques.

We combine German-based precautionary principles with US industrial (OSHA) and environmental standards (EPA) to create a unique and holistic approach to building inspections that you won’t find anywhere else.

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our inspection processin 3 steps

Our environmental assessments are complete and thorough. Here's what you can expect when you schedule your Healthy Building Inspection.

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detailed inspection

From the basement and crawlspace to the attic and roof, we inspect and sample for a wide array of common Indoor Environmental pollutants.

collect samples

If necessary, we sample and test air, dust, soil, and water looking for everything from allergens, and heavy metals, to VOCs and electromagnetic (EMF) radiation.

analyze & report

We coordinate & interpret the lab results and share our findings in a user-friendly report, suggesting practical and affordable mitigation strategies.