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VOTE for Healthy Building Science

We have until November 15th to get 250 votes! Please vote for Healthy Building Science to become eligible for a $250,000 grant!

Mission Main Street Vote for Healthy Building Science

Mission Main Street Vote for Healthy Building Science

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If we win we would expand our toolkits and service area – which equates to helping thousands of more people create healthier homes, offices, and schools.

I’ve included our 500-character responses below.

Thank you very much for your support!

Vote for Healthy Building Science

Vote for Healthy Building Science


Healthy Building Science (94901)

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Sick buildings are contagious! Catch pollutants before they catch you! Healthy Building Inspections & Green Building Consulting for occupant health.

Tell us about Healthy Building Science and what makes it unique:

HBS is a Certified B Corporation, “doing good through business.” We are a small consulting firm specializing in Green Building Design Consulting for new construction, and Healthy Building Inspections for existing buildings. We are a well-organized and passionate group of environmentalists, scientists, and designers. Since our founding in 2010 we’ve been profitable every year and we hope to continue helping people by creating more healthy living and working environments.

Describe the talent on the Healthy Building Science team and they make the business successful:

The founder brought to the table skills in consulting and a vision for growth. Good consulting lead to more clients, and the company now has 2 Green Building Consultants and 2 Healthy Building Inspectors. The service side of the team possess expertise in their fields, including building science, indoor air quality (IAQ), EMF, and healthy materials. The management team includes the founder and an Office Manager, whose people skills, organization, and vision continue pushing this company forward.

How is Healthy Building Science involved with the community it serves? 

We are on the front-line with our clients. Many jobs include those who suffer from asthma/allergies, chemical/electrical sensitivities, lead poisoning and Sick Building Syndrome. We offer free trainings to support groups for this underserved population, and HBS is a member of organizations involved in community outreach and education – especially those involved with healthy or “green” buildings. The B Corp community is another way we “walk the talk,” and contribute toward a larger cause.

What inspired you to start Healthy Building Science?

When I learned about a German-based inspection protocol (Building Biology) that included testing for air quality, water and soil, and even EMF, I realized that the mainstream green building movement (e.g., LEED) was missing an opportunity to promote really healthy buildings. I wanted to know what was in my air and water, and if I was being exposed to harmful contaminants in my home. Thus the idea was born – to take advanced Industrial Hygiene (IH) concepts and methods into the residential market.

What would a $250K grant mean to Healthy Building Science’s plan, and how will the funds be utilized to ensure the Small Business’ long-term growth and stability?

This grant would mean the world to us! We would acquire a few key capital investments (software, testing equipment, mold-sniffing dog) that would allow us to be more efficient and offer unique services in our niche markets. We would add strategic services (asbestos, radon), and expand into the L.A. area.  We would invest into a marketing campaign designed to increase volume of sales and brand recognition. Lastly, we would invest in legal council to establish a mission-aligned corporate structure to better support our long-term goals for sustained growth.

What challenges can you identify for your business, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Time+$: We are strategic and efficient while tackling these challenges.

Streamlining service delivery: We continue to improve report writing efficiency via software upgrades and template development.

Growing market share and building name recognition: Some great PR opportunities are forthcoming, and the website and satisfied clients continue building sales volume.

Recruiting and retaining top-notch staff: We are actively creating our company culture and exploring creative employee benefits.


VOTE for Healthy Building Science

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