Interesting Things About EMF Testing

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5 Interesting Things About EMF (Electromagnetic Fields):

  • There are 5 different types of “EMF” that are commonly tested in buildings:
    • low frequency magnetic fields
    • low frequency electric fields
    • “dirty electricity”, “high-voltage transients” or “electrical noise”
    • radio frequency (RF) radiation
    • alpha, beta and gamma ionizing radiation
  • Each of the above types of radiation originates from unique sources, behaves differently, requires different meters, is measured in unique units, and requires specific approaches to EMF abatement and RF mitigation.
  • When most people say “EMF” they’re only thinking about magnetic fields. The most common sources of low frequency magnetic fields include:
    • nearby power lines and pole or ground mounted transformers
    • wiring errors within a building
    • proximity to lighting and other transformers or motors
  • Increasingly people are becoming aware of radio frequency (RF) radiation.
    • Common internal sources of RF include:
      • cordless phones and base stations
      • WiFi and wireless internet
      • cell phones and signal boosters
      • Bluetooth on computers, TVs, printers, etc.
      • microwave ovens
    • Common external sources of RF include:
  • There is mounting evidence that EMF causes bad health effects.

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